Jonathan Vallarta, Director


During my 16 years of experience in the underwateracoustic field, I have been witness to the concerns raised about the impact of sound in the marine environment and its possible harmful effects on marine species. However, at the same time, I have also seen considerable scientific developments, operational procedures and regulatory guidelines to mitigate the risks of any detrimental impacts in the offshore industry.


Many companies now consider it 'Best Practice' to employ MMOs and PAM Operators during seismic surveys even when there is no local mitigation legislation, such as in Mexico. That's why at PAMOS we believe that the demand for skilled environmental personnel is destined to grow and we are determined to help.




Jessica Fisher, Business Manager


A few years ago I was surprised to learn that Mexico, unlike many other countries, had not yet introduced any legislation to protect marine mammals in their waters. But the fact is: it is just a matter of time before they do. It is vital then that we start educating young Mexicans on what Passive Acoustic Monitoring is and prepare them for the future. I am thus very content knowing that I am having a part shaping the future of Mexico.  




Ruben Díaz, PAM Operator


Passive acoustics is a relatively new subject for me, but one that I find very fascinating. After taking a training course on Passive Acoustic Monitoring my eyes were opened the vital role PAM Operators play in protecting marine mammals during seismic exploration. When it comes to computers or any type of electronics, I quickly grasp the task ahead and accomplish it thoroughly and accurately. I pride myself in being a very organized and responsible person..




Edgar Segura, PAM Opertor


In the past I have enjoyed helping where I can by volunteering and tutoring, and mixed with my passion for Electronics, working as a PAM Operator provides me with a unique opportunity to do both. I am always seeking new opportunities to merge my Electronic skills with the knowledge I have on Acoustic Monitoring and broaden my overall knowledge base. When all is said and done, I will be proud to say that I have had a share in helping marine mammals. 




Juan García, PAM Operator


Prior to taking a PAM training course I had never considered the importance of Acoustic Monitoring during seismic exploration. However, I now recognize the great value in such a position, and even more so in Mexican Waters. I am highly skilled in a variety of computer programs including Pamguard. So, I am eager to work and to gain greater experience as a PAM Operator and help with the preservation of marine mammals.




Daniel Sosa, PAM Operator


Personal success is not measured by one singular accomplishment; rather I believe it is measured by the sum of all of our achievements in life.  It is thus my personal goal to challenge myself and to have the opportunity to contribute to a healthy marine ecology in Mexico. I have in-depth knowledge in the field of computer engineering and electronics and my partnership with PAMOS allows me to transfer my skills to a unique and new field in Mexico.



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