Shelby Yahn, MMO / PSO 


Since obtaining my MRes in Marine Mammal Science in 2012, I have participated in research projects within the Bering Sea, Puget Sound, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and North Atlantic. I specialize in conducting surveys, taking and analyzing photos for identification, acoustic collection and analysis, and data management. I look forward to using my skills in practical ways as an MMO/PSO to minimize industry’s impact on oceanic ecosystems.

Julianna Rodrigues, MMO / PSO / PAM 


As an ecologist and biologist with 10 years experience, I have been involved in various marine mammal conservation projects, with special emphasis on dolphins. I specialize in the field of bioacoustics, ambient and marine mammal sound analysis as well as the deployment of static and towed array hydrophones. Besides being able to work alone, I also enjoy working as a team leader (onboard as PAM Operator). 

Sandra Verdugo, MMO / PSO 


As a marine biologist I love being involved in ocean conservation projects. I have participated in declaring Marine Protected Areas and protecting the Marine Wild Life in the Mediterranean Sea. As MMO, I am experienced in Photo ID, conducting marine surveys, data collection, management and writing reports. My main focus is to continue enhancing my career in ocean protection and improving myself and my skills.

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